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Copyright DeAnna Spencer 2004

This article may be reproduced and redistributed freely on the Internet as long as the content remains the same and the resource box is left intact.

The best Cd cases that could effectively secure and keep your discs organized include Clam Shell Case, Super Jewel Box, Case Logic 320-Disc CD Wallet Tyrie Cleveland Hat , Discfolio, and Slappa600 Hardbody Pro CD Storage.

Eventually, compact disc cases have enhanced on their capability to adequately protect compact disks and DVDs, and also to better transfer and manage these discs. So far, the following are the ideal Cd cases you might think about for the utmost in safeguard Justin Simmons Hoodie , functionality, and even design:

Clam Shell Case

A clam shell case is made of clear polypropylene plastic formed like a clam, which shields compact disks from splitting. It is best for shipping Cds and DVDs because it is break-resistant, impact-resistant, and also light-weight. It holds one disc and is good for carrying anywhere with its slender style and stylish colours.

Super Jewel Box

The modern traditional super jewel box is viewed one of the ideal compact disk cases and an improvement on its predecessor Jake Butt Hoodie , the CD jewel case. It comes with inventive and patented disc spindle, thicker and much more tough material, sleek spherical sides, and stronger hinges which avoid the common problems of dislodging and breaking. These super jewel boxes will let you place tags, labels Garett Bolles Hoodie , logos, and other cover inserts easily. Just like clam shell cases, super jewel boxes can keep just one disc for each case. They are also accessible in regular and king shapes, as well as in common and trim types.

Case Logic 320-Disc CD Wallet

As the name signifies, this amazing CD wallet could carry 320 discs or 160 discs together with booklets. Case logic has developed a detachable spine system which lets you quickly remove and re-arrange the sleeves the same as your replacement wallet inserts. In addition Courtland Sutton Hoodie , it features 16 more disc pockets for instant access storage. Its external casing could avoid effect and also other damaging external elements. Having its lifetime warranty, this Cd wallet might be a fantastic buy.


This new and modern Compact disc case allows you to search through your Cds just like a CD bookcase or by simply unzipping the backside of the book to open it all the way. Having 2 loops in the side, you could hang this case on your wall surface with a view of all the disc media. It eliminates the time you spend checking several pages of your compact disc wallet or book looking for the CD you wish. Discfolio holds up to 90 discs and is best for gamers with video games who wish to visibly coordinate all their compact disks within their reach.

Slappa600 Hardbody Pro CD Storage

Made for disc jockeys, this specific case includes a tough body for the utmost in safety particularly when transferring the case from one point to the other. Alternatively, the inside of this storage space is made from sewn Matt Paradis Hoodie , non-woven waffle panels just like soft velvet which reduce disk scratches. Slappa600 Pro includes high-quality zippers to open up and close the case, and also wheels and a pull-out handle to simply roll the case. It may hold a large number of nearly six hundred Cds or DVDs without having covers or 300 discs having covers.

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