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 Sujet du message: RS3 is exactly what Runescape has evolved into over the year
MessagePosté: Mar Juin 30, 2020 10:03 am 
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OSRS is an incredible game. There is a whole lot of content, the fighting is shockingly in depth at elevated levels for how RuneScape game looks/seems on it's face. It's also nice because although gold is RS gold significant and you can directly pay for it, the huge bulk of the things you'll be working towards is essentially just getting better at RuneScape downloading and game content through doing quests/beating bosses/etc. Your accounts has a bunch of little checkboxes that offer perks, and around doing them, you need to go. Quests offer you a tangible reward beyond XP. There is also lots of minigames that go beyond only basic questing or fight. RS3 attempts to mimic it, but I think by modernizing it lost a great deal of the allure of it, and it leans EXTREMELY heavily to the cash store.

Osrs fills people and has shitty images. Its populated, but runescape is a single player game for the mostpart. RS3 has better graphics (but still seems bad), better and more complex fight if you arnt biased against it, better and a whole lot more narrative content, but has microtransactions everywere (except you are entering a game in which people have maxed level/gear decades and years ago anyways, so having the ability to buy things is somewhat irrelevant). Its easier to level in general (osrs lacks material later on), but theres more to do with those levels, and greater caps to the mostpart that arnt easier to get to.

I really don't understand why you're getting downvoted (I do), but emphasise that the graphics were cool again in'06. The battle requires more to click in your stock compared to anywhere else on the monitor and is complete crap. I loved RS2, do not get me wrong, however there are far better MMO's than"Arithmetic Simulator". The challenge is that people dont accept RuneScape game for what it is. Nostalgia over everything they downvote. RuneScape game looks. Even WoW upgraded its appearances. But yeah, RuneScape game was back in the afternoon, it doesnt hold up.

Think of WoW currently is. RS3 is exactly what Runescape has evolved into over the years and is at its core, the same game, but completely overhauled. Combat went from easy, I swing and do harm, you do and swing harm, to abilities and complete action pub skills. They also added a great deal of MTX that makes RuneScape game simple and requires a lot of the soul and sense of accomplishment out. OSRS is basically just RuneScape game was using a ton of QOL additions and material. It can be performed like a simpleton or you'll be able to go nerd that was full and minute max your efficacy. You can do something similar to click a tree and have your character passively chop logs to increase your woodcutting degree while you pay little to no focus.

Or you may do something engaging with their very own mechanics such as fight bosses for hours trying to get a sought after item with a rare drop opportunity. You come close to running out of things to do and never can spend hours and hours on this game. I have 1 maxed out skill and have over 1k hours on my personality. In fact it takes the normal player 2300-2500 hours to max out each ability level and theres only skills. This doesnt include of the item hunting minigames etc in cheap RuneScape gold RuneScape game. Then go for OSRS, if you enjoy grinding and having a sense of achievement. And of course OSRS is working on mobile phones. I would not urge RS3.

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