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 Sujet du message: That stupid"hit stick" attribute is poor enough in its own
MessagePosté: Mar Juin 30, 2020 10:02 am 
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Because it is not that many they will not be listed by any one. Every feature people talk about being removed was one Madden at one stage for a year and never came back. Even looking at every single Madden ever created combined there wouldn't be 99 percent more attributes than Madden 20. Some large ones however, in my view, are actually being in Mut 21 coins a position to relocate or recreate or even completely build a new team with a custom arena, there was an wonderful drill style in 08 (and many others I think) that was great for training and getting all of the gold medals was very cool, and the biggest one I miss the most is that the Legend players and having the ability to perform a draft with them (that was in Madden 10 for sure, not sure about 08.)

That stupid"hit stick" attribute is poor enough in its own implementation, but watching a guy just push past a ball carrier or, worse, hit him on the soccer field, is just stupid. The pushing isn't enough to prevent a ball carrier (that is the reason you don't see folks trying it all the time at the NFL), and hitting a man in the head would get you ejected from Madden nfl. But in Madden it is treated just like a tackle. There is just so often you can see ejection-worthy plays which aren't penalized but are lauded before you become tired of the animations.

In the same way, Madden 20's reliance on animations - no matter the"quality" of them (which is questionable) - hurts Madden nfl a lot. Like when Madden nfl decides your QB is going to be sacked, you definitely have no opportunity to try for a pass, even if it'll be a rickety mess. The QB eats the sofa and always pulls in it. To say nothing on how defenders play the ball (i.e. linebackers out balls balls from the atmosphere that are passing by them without even looking in the direction of the ball and therefore no way to know that the ball will be in that specific spot at the exact moment). But the"fine" animations are part of a really bad game. Madden nfl's so reliant on making things look"great" that it ends up feeling too gory.

Madden 20 animations are bad. The animation that is running has been awful. It looks like you're gliding. Games such as assassin's Creed are the gold standard of animations. Each step looks powerful and meaningful. Each hop has energy and momentum behind it. Madden since the start of time has appeared like their. EA should easily be able to spend the jump that Assassin's Creed failed between AC3 and AC Unity. The difference in cartoons just occurred in one year and is literally day and night. Let us face it, the direction at EA Tiburon is fucking lazy. I'm sure the devs are talented, but the management doesn't care about making games, therefore Madden nfl aren't excellent.

Madden 21 Characteristics Released

I wanted to be the first to inform everybody who complains about"cheese" which EA has announced they have fixed the issues in Madden 21. Perfectly functioning AI that adapts to buy Madden 21 coins your inability plays while sitting upon your mountain that you stop your opponent. New AI will guarantee all games end 21-21 which causes both groups to win. Winners will be awarded with 30 99+ UL packs which extend the player with GTs of every player in Madden nfl.

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